Unified Media

Unified Media are a group of filmmakers and musicians from South Shields. After starting their organisation, they spoke to numerous agencies about creating a website, but received confusing responses or were slapped with quotes far too unnecessary for what they needed.

How sparks flew

I first met Unified Media over drinks at Fresh Networking, a networking event aimed at young professionals. We arranged a meeting shortly afterwards in a quaint coffee shop, where I cleared the air on things like content creation, search engine optimisation, and the overall strategy behind a small business website.

After parting with a hug, I began work on their new website.

Growing and growing

Fast forward 18 months, and Unified Media have filmed at a variety of locations for weddings, music videos, documentaries and charity work. Their website is a hub of content where they can showcase their videos and write inspirational blogs.

  • Mobile-first design
  • Helped establish their organisation
  • Website is a content hub